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Brooke Foular

I was seriously skeptical about what a so-called "dating specialist" could teach the modern woman (pun intended) about men. But then I did a call, and, within minutes, I realized I my doubts and reservations were for nothing… Jared is a god send: no crazy gimmicks, no pretending to be something you’re not. Just intelligent, empowering advice.

Tali De Leon

You’re wisdom is so powerful and enlightening. You really separate yourself from anyone else teaching this just by the quality of the things you say. Everything works right away and is easily understood why. It’s so great to finally have someone to turn to who doesn’t just fluff talk, but gives real, practical advice that works. It's almost scary how well it works.

Erin Baez

What an incredible man… Charismatic, spiritually tuned into everything around him, top leadership qualities that engages and empowers everyone he meets. I went away motivated, confident, and with a strategy to continue my journey in finding and keeping a real relationship. Thank you.

Danielle Howay

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed working with Jared. All of it was very useful! I thought all the content was fantastic, it was great taking on new behaviors and pushing my comfort zone as a woman. I even met a nice guy! Don't worry though, I won’t be putting all my eggs in one basket ;). Loved the community he built and it’s great to have more single girls to go out with too. Thanks again.

Aura Brooks

I don't know if you’re dating (if so maybe your friends need some assistance) or not but I want to really really recommend that you all try Jared "Psych" Laurence's program. It is truly amazing and really beneficial – I learnt so many tips and possibly where I’ve been going wrong all this time! Don’t wait – create! YOU’VE GOT TO DO IT!!!!

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