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There’s a few fundamental things that are important to have down with everyone you meet. It could be body language, that smile, a good fashion, and of course…eye contact. We’re all told about it. Most of us think we even do it correctly. Unfortunately very few people I meet utilize it’s full power and potential. I’m going to show you how such a small, and seemingly trivial thing, can instantly impact your success in dating.


First things first, you need to know when to do it. It should go without saying right off the approach. The danger here is people think they need to be like James Bond and all serious. Eye contact when approaching like this is CREEPY! Every study done shows when using your smile and eye contact your chance of success instantly goes up. As Schrieber PH.D. puts it, “Being gazed at by a potential mate has also been found to increase our attraction to them, as long as that potential mate also looks relatively happy.” (source:

The other thing to take note of is the difference between sexy eyes and rapey eyes. When you or the girl is talking you should glance away briefly as if you’re thinking about what’s being said. Staring at her nonstop in the hopes to try and lock eyes is again, flat out creepy.

Finally men need to maintain eye contact when they are talking. It’s so painful to see a guy talking to a girl and clearly in his head. Don’t flinch away, keep looking into her to project confidence while you speak. This last tip alone 80% of men don’t do.


Eye contact for women can be a blessing and a curse. If you keep it for too long with anyone then they’ll think you’re interested. With that said you can also use it to take some of the power back in getting the guy you want, not just the guys who approach you.

Main thing here is lock eyes with a guy you like but don’t do the classic thing of turning away smiling. The problem is too many guys are uncertain with any signals that aren’t abundantly clear. Sure, it’s obvious to you, but approaching a random girl is extremely difficult for most men and they’ll justify not to do it most of the time. Instead I want you to lock eyes and HOLD IT. Keep that eye contact going until the guy turns away or walks over. Make sure to turn your head away from him too exposing your neck. It’s the universal signal for, “come get me.”

Another fun trick is tuning into the men’s emotional circuitry so he thinks more with his big head and less with his small one. To do this only stare at the man’s left eye (your right). The reason is because the left eye reports directly to the right side of the brain responsible for emotions while the right eye responds to logic and analysis. If you keep your gaze on his left eye you might just notice making those “sparks” happen become a lot easier.

As always hope this helps! If there’s anything you’d like for me to cover just leave a comment below.