I get it, you’ve been rejected and frustrated by women for a long time. For whatever reason they just don’t find you as attractive as you hoped. Well I’m going to change all that. You’re about to get the women you thought were out of your league.

Feeling Frustrated That...

  • You only meet girls who seem stuck up and no personality.
  • You can’t remember the last time you felt butterflies for a girl.
  • You just have no idea what women want.
  • You’re always the friend.
  • You see your life passing by and worried you’ll never get this.
  • You don’t know how to approach women in real life.
  • You all you keep seeing are one word text responses.
  • You don’t feel confident with dating.
  • You’re going to have to either settle or die alone.

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Lets Fix Your Dating Life Together

Women should be fighting to get your attention.

I bet if you're here than you're already working hard to get your life sorted, you have good values, are a genuinely good hearted guy, and can make her very happy if she gave you a chance. But unless you can get her to realize this she is going to keep ignoring you and choosing that other guy (you know the asshole I'm talking about or at least his his kind).

The problem is when you first approach her she doesn’t know anything about you. It's not fair but she's been Classically Conditioned to associate you immediately with all the desperate and creepy men who came before you. If you don't know how to get around this and make an impact within the first 30 seconds then all she has to go on are your looks. This is why you could be on dating apps forever and never get the matches you want.

Women are not all about looks and money (clothes, nice watch, etc), though I won't lie and say they don't have any effect. But unless you’re able to take a risk, and meet her the correct way that creates attraction, then that’s all you’re leaving her to judge you on. Women have also are TERRIFIED of rejection and being judged so will rarely if ever make the first move. She doesn't need to though, as the guy that should be your job.This means if you let a fear of rejection stop you from approaching her, making impact and an impression that gets her interest, then it's not just unlikely that she will ever choose you...she'll never even know you exist.

That's where I come in. I am going to use over 12 years of experience to help you to get a woman to not just to notice you, but to crave you.

Clients Testimonials

John Tomas

It's hard as a guy admitting you need help, it felt like there was something wrong with me. Jared went above and beyond to show me that he knew exactly what I was going through. He listens and breaks things down in a way that truly show his heart is into helping people. Can't recommend him enough for those who value someone who is truly genuine and passionate about what they do.

Trisha Somerstein

Before taking training with Jared I constantly kept falling for the wrong guys. I rolled my eyes when my friend recommended him to me but figured worth a shot. Since then I've come to love and appreciate myself in a way I didn't know possible. The confidence you get when you truly know how men think and feel prepared for any situation is indescribable. These days I'm currently in a wonderful relationship and stopped second guessing myself about everything. From one bad ass bitch to another, you won't regret this!

Nivv Oudit

I've always been introverted and quite shy with women. My entire life was dedicated to getting good grades and performing well at work. When I began working with Jared what amazed me most was how well he could relate to me. I thought good looking white guys would never understand my hardships but he proved me wrong! The stuff he taught me wasn't generic "feel good" information. He was able to break this down into a science and show me exactly how to do some of the most basic things. Whether it was holding a conversation or taking things to the next step, he always had an answer. I mainly liked how practical and thought out everything is, these tips can be put to use immediately. Thank you Jared!

Ashley Ageloff

By far the best decision I ever made in my life! From our first call it was obvious how much Jared cares and the dedication he has to making sure I reach my goals. Using suggestions from Jared, and pushing myself more than I was used to, I met the man of my dreams and now I'm married. I still can't believe it! I've seen some of the other people out there giving advice and in my opinion no one even comes close to Jared. So thankful I found him, just wish it would have been sooner.

Brian Howie

Jared is as eloquent, passionate, informative, empowering, self-aware, entertaining, and insightful as they come. He understands what makes men tick, what women want, and what all of us really need on our journey to find love, connection, and happiness.

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