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Demo Girl – 1hr call to practice drills and interactions with trained demo girl

Group Calls – 2hr call discussing various topics with relevant and current theory as well as Q&A

Private Calls – 1hr call with coach to identify problem points and offer real world practical solutions

Quarterly Retreat – An interactive and motivational event designed to identify core problems, inspire action, and cultivate a community experience.

Quarterly “Game Changer” Workshop – Full weekend of focusing on the top “game changer” issues whether it be online dating, inner game, creating attraction etc. The issues will be the top requested and everyone will have a full understanding and be given useful tools to enhance their dating and relationships.

VIP Quarterly “Game Changer” Workshop – Recieve full experience of the Quarterly “Game Changer” Workshop PLUS more intense help, bonus hours, “in field” training, and private in person time with Jared “Psych” Laurence

Quarterly Personal Training – Full weekend with Jared “Psych” Laurence fully personalized. No more than three (3) students in any event. Topics will range on what’s the most beneficial for the indivudal with full game plan for optimal growth.