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5 Ways To Create Abundance, Even When You Don’t Feel It

Abundance All the guru’s shout it: “You ARE abundance!” “FEEEEL Abundant!” “just be abundance!” And to be honest, it’s kinda a get out of jail free card. Because on one hand it’s true, it’s important to have abundance in your life, but the phrase has lost virtually all its meaning. Many people ask me: “Psych, […]

SOLVED: The Problem With “Just Be Yourself”

Just Be Yourself? Really? We’ve all heard the clichéd advice, “just be yourself!”. And it’s some of the best and worst information you’ll ever hear. And it’s also some of the most confusing. People are fearful of change, especially when they see their friends changing and it threatens their own identity. “You’ve changed man” is something […]

Reinventing Yourself? You’re Thinking Too Hard

We falsely believe we can just think ourselves to a new identity If we just know what we want, we’ll get it right? Or maybe we’ve got it all backwards. According to Herminia Ibarra, Professor of Organizational Behavior at the London Business School, life works the opposite: “Doing comes first, and knowing comes second”. Our identities define themselves […]

One last approach…

Struggling to make meeting women fun? Then you’ll love this story To this day, I still vividly remember one approach where, for some reason, the nerves just took hold of my entire body. I walked up to her and just spat out nonsensical verbal diarrhea. You probably know exactly what it sounds like “Hey, I […]