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Jared “Psych” was brought up in Ft Lauderdale, after being adopted by his loving parents. Quickly Jared realized he didn’t really belong anywhere since he was bad at sports, was always shortest in his class, and couldn’t make any friends.

Having to find his own way, he suffered one blow after another in his dating life. As virgins, he and his two year long girlfriend tried waiting until marriage, only to have her leave him for another guy, who she lost it to after a month of dating.

His prom date left him to sleep with another guy on prom night. He turned to therapy for crippling depression. Day after day he met nothing but one rejection after another.

All of this changed.

After being exposed to self help forums, he took what he could learn on his own and his formal education in Psychology to create a new life. Now armed with social skills to better himself and the tools to connect with anyone, Jared began coaching in 2007 and eventually founded Modern Flirting to help men and women empower themselves.

Jared’s Achievements

Jared “Psych” Laurence is an international motivational speaker, as well as a globally recognized Lifestyle Consultant and Dating Specialist.  

Over the past 12+ years, Psych has been voted the best new dating coach, taught over 10,000 students around the world, and is credited with countless relationships and marriages.  

Using classically trained counseling and cutting-edge techniques, he has helped all types of clients. This includes professional multi-millionaires, programmers, finance professionals, and even college students.  

No stranger to helping those in distress, after volunteering at a suicide and crisis hotline center, he found his calling in coaching and mentorship.

He’s been featured in seminars and popular media including:  

  • MTV’s “Made”
  • Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club”
  • A&E Documentary “Born This Way
  • “The Great Love Debate”
  • “The 21 Convention Men’s Conference”
  • “World Dating Coach Summit”  
  • ABC’s “Nightline”
  • And repeated guest on the radio show “Waking up in Vegas.”

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