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Are you tired of feeling frustrated and defeated in the dating world? It's time to turn things around with Modern Flirting. Our team of experienced dating coaches has spent years developing proven methods to help men like you overcome challenges and attract high value women. Whether you struggle with approach anxiety, fear of rejection, or simply can't seem to meet the right person, we can help. With our comprehensive Masterclass, secret conversations program, and exclusive online community, we offer all the tools and support you need to succeed.

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With Modern Flirting we help you set the right achievable goals that give you fulfillment


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The Modern Flirting Masterclass is the ultimate solution for men looking to improve their dating lives and meet high value women. This comprehensive program covers everything you need to know about dating. From mastering your emotions, looks, and conversation skills, to finding women and reading social cues and body language. Join now and take control of your dating life like never before.​

Chan S
“last night pulled one of the hottest girls I’ve ever hooked up with! I was a little hesitant bc her brother and friends were with us the whole time but I executed exactly how I’ve been taught on escalating and successfully closed! Started small, got compliance, won over the friends, worked my way up the ladder, didn’t worry too much and made moves when the opportunity was right - got to the postgame and we went straight to her room .”  - Chan S.
Alan C
“Had a great weekend! Met several cuties on Saturday night at the club and for Sunday i had two different dates with two separate women also. The connection went really well with one of them she gave me her bracelet with her name on it, telling me to wear it so I think about her and not forget her.Super Cute gesture! . I also have may have another two dates lined up for next weekend with other ones. I feel very happy to have shared my time with these women. Its a beautiful feeling of emotional connections and amazing positive vibes.”  - Alan C.
Alan C
Sid J
“Win: One of the inner game issues I have is ‘looking for permission’ to do things. Kinda playing nice. I was on dance socials last night and I did pretty well although I realized that I would always be apologetic if things didn’t go well. I thought and journaled about it last night and today I was like: I’m not going to be apologetic and do things with full confidence. I was doing my moves and one of partners told me: ‘that felt really good’. Then I was dancing with other partner and guy next to me got jealous. He literally had to come and take my partner (instructor called for rotation and we kept dancing)”  - Sid J.
Sid J
15Years Of Experience IN DATING

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